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Financial and management consultant and author of several books and articles on entrepreneurship and small business management. Started several business ventures.

The Secret to turning a small startup capital into big money

In less than 40 pages discover how you can build a business empire easily and effortlessly by harnessing the awesome creative power of today’s world – PLUS a few SECRETS, not often discussed – when combined unleashes a tidal wave of business success and personal prosperity …

  • Why you should never again fear anything concerning your job …
  • How to wisely plan, design, start, promote your small business and allow it to generate you instant wealth
  • How this INVISIBLE entrepreneurship hack will supercharge your bank account with little money – and you do it with the least effort …
  • Be a blessing to what today’s new technology and resources can offer you to become wealthy …
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“I’ll teach you step-by-step how you can live without a boss!” Ali

Fellow Aspiring Very-Near Future Business Owner,

Help’s on the way.

I’m Ali Al Lawati, a guy who spent so much time observing how small businesses grow and become source of wealth and happiness to their owners.  And today, I’ll introduce you to an unusual secret combining the practical and the mental for creating and growing your own business with “whatever” money you have right now.

I’ll reveal a source of real-world business growth techniques you can use immediately, along with a well framed business plan to free you from having to hit the snooze button on your alarm clock every morning and counting the days until your next paycheck.

Allow me to give it to you straight: Your potential to start a money-making business and create the abundant life of your dreams isn’t determined by your bank account, education, past or present circumstances – nor the economy – or even what those who never tried and are afraid that you would try and succeed!

Neither your current job nor the job you are dreaming of right now will bring you lasting wealth or freedom either. 

To claim your abundance, you must awaken to this powerful truth: the secret of starting a small business that can make you rich is not having a huge capital but making use of whatever little resources you have access to. The reset requires little action – which means becoming a successful business owner is a decision fully under your control.

If you want to become rich and own a multi-million dollar business listen only to those who made it!

If you are serious about becoming your own boss and having enough money to buy things you want you should stop listening to those who are on the same level as you are and associate with successful business owners. If you can’t meet any in person don’t worry, the internet is full of successful role models you can copy. Just stop taking wealth advice from those who barely make it till the next paycheck.

get rich with small business

it's time to teach your sparrow how to flock with the eagles!

Take a look at what’s waiting for you right now:

… More than 20 years of wisdom distilled into this 40-page book enabling you to live the life of a business owner rather than an employee in an easy and straightforward way beyond all comprehension …

Part 1-Reprogramming your mindset and business to handle larger orders (sales)

  • How to choose the right business for you?
  • Where to find your first customer
  • What if the right business for me requires large capital?
  • How much money should my business generates for me?

Part 2-Essential Business Terms, Tools and Tactics

  • Outsourcing
  • Arbitrage
  • Fixed cost, variable cost and breakeven point
  • Sources of Funds and Uses of Funds and Cash Management
  • Horizontal and Vertical Integration
  • Target Market
  • Return on Investment (ROI)

Part 3-Essential Business Requirements- Only for Smart Businesspersons!

  • Capital- Keep your capital as small as you can!
  • License, Clearance, Rights and Approvals
  • Business Address
  • Corporate Identity- all for less than $100!
  • A computer with broadband internet connectivity, a mobile and landline
  • Online Presence
  • Knowledge- What life has taught you so far

Part 4-Tricks to Prepare your Sparrow to Flock with the Eagles

  • Make sure buyers can find you whenever they are ready to buy
  • Avoid selling-yes, just avoid it!
  • Know more than what your competitors know
  • Build an audience and make them eagerly wait for what you have to sell
  • Fish with a net not a hook!

Part 5- The 8 Secrets of Successful Entrepreneurship

  • Manage your currency and your life
  • Be honest with yourself, your customers, your vendors and employees
  • Manage Proactively
  • Be generous with everything except your business Money
  • Manage your cash flow
  • Believe in the law of abundance
  • No matter what, nothing bad will happen
  • The next step is the last step

But the fun is only just beginning!

This book outline doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of all the astonishing small business creation and growth insights you’ll gain by reading and experiencing each session rich with practical and emotional attention.

And that’s not all – I believe in over-delivering, in giving – heck, it’s even one the universe’s secrets of making money and becoming successful in everything, and so I can’t stop there with just this book. That’s why I’m also offering a one-month email consultation for those who are serious about starting their own business to fast-track you to your wealthy place!

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Email consultation and coaching – Expedite the building of your wealth

Email consultation can help you during the time you plan and start your business; how it works – and what you must do to prepare your business for rapid growth – now!

  • What is this subtle, yet oh so powerful tool for breaking out of your hesitation, that’s preventing you from receiving your reward – to – these simple acts of firmness you can do, causing the immediate desired results of financial independence …
  • The transformational power of capitalizing free and cheap resources – and how to arrange them in a simple way to start a multi-million dollars business …
  • What amazing thing happens when you break free from your comfort zone and face your fears of working for yourself – and the secret to beginning your awakening process. Hint: Take charge of your life …
  • Why you should realize you have more entrepreneurship skills than you ever thought to create the business that will make your wealthy … and how to live in moment-by-moment wonderment as your small business grows in no time…
  • All this, and so much more!

You get all this,the eBook If You Have $1,000 You’ll Never Need a Job Again, plus the Bonus of One-month email coaching and consultation, for the low, low price of only: $25.95! – Shipped, downloaded right now into your PC/Mobile!

For less than an hour on the town you can possess the secrets of owning an empire!

The way I see it, you have two diverging paths before you; to keep pleasing your boss hoping that he is generous enough to give you satisfactory appraisal or make him shakes his head while watching you ride your business success and tell his friend: can you believe that this guy was working under me in the past?!

You can choose to ACT on this opportunity, and if you’ve been unhappy with your paycheck, READ THIS BOOK. You’ll know that I believe the wealth you are after likes speed. Money likes speed – so if this book is resonating with you in any way, if you’re feeling that inspired nudge to go for it, that’d be my recommendation now.

When you choose the first path, acting on your instinct to come along with me on this journey to entrepreneurship and prosperity you’ll begin seeing changes in your life almost immediately – you could, for example …

  • Inspired by a lucrative business opportunity that you can start right now with little capital …
  • Find the $1,000 (or less) required to start the business you have in mind for years but never took an action …
  • Start your OWN business and kiss your job worries goodbye …
  • Magnetically attract customers you could ever hope to have …
  • Support your favorite causes and charities …
  • Complete your education … or finance your kid’s …
  • In short, you really could have, do or be anything you can dream – and so much more!

Or you could go it alone …

Remember, doing nothing to change your life could be a strategy for a lot of people. However, not many people succeed by applying this strategy. If you choose this path, which I DON’T recommend, you might remain stuck where you are financially. You won’t experience the joy that comes with stepping out on believe – and frankly, your future might very well become simply an extension of your present circumstances …

I believe there’s not really much of a choice to make. Come along with me, you deserve to experience the sweeter part of life – use the ORDER button to cast your vote for lasting success and financial freedom. Click the order button to begin YOUR journey toward prosperity and start your multi-million dollars business now!

Your success is on the way!

Author of small business growth hack

Ali Al Lawati