business ideas that require low capital

Ali M. Al Lawati

Imagine yourself five years from now
looking through your multimillion company
office window thinking to yourself:
I made all this with $1,000 and
a determination to succeed!
"50 Business Ideas You can Start
with Less than $1,000 is a book written
to help you realize your dream of owning
a profitable business.

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What "50 Business Ideas You can Start with Less than $1,000" is for those who are seriously about taking control of their life

What the book teaches you

50 simple to implement yet highly profitable small business ideas that most of us can start with very little money. Furthermore, the book explains in detail how to convert each of the 50 ideas into a profitable and, hopefully, multimillion dollar business. It will also teach you:

Find 50 ready made small business ideas, select the right business idea for you, follow the step-by-step implementation guide and you are the king of your own business for $24.99!

Do you really want to be your own boss with just $1,000?

Making an investment in this book means you have made the first step towards starting your business.  As your present had been created by things and decisions you made in the past, your future will be formed with what you do and decide today.


Just make a decision today and start planning and visualizing a future whereby you have achieved total financial freedom and this book will show you how exactly.


Pick up a business idea that suits you most and follow the instructions and enjoy the ride to riches.  Remember to remain focused on your goal and be ready to give what it takes to achieve it.


Finally, this book is not for everyone but rather for those who have already formed a successful future in their mind.  If you fail to dream big and to take the necessary steps towards attaining your dreams you better get back to doing what your boss wants you to do and forget everything about being your own boss.

profitable business ideas in 2021

Amazing facts that you never knew which can help you really start your business with less than $1,000

I want to start my own business

Starting a business is much easier than you thought

There are businesses that require millions of dollars to start and there are businesses you can start with very little money and could grow to make as much money as any other large business. Here are some amazing facts:

Do you believe you deserve to have your own company?
Are you prepared to do what it takes to achieve what you deserve?
Get this book at once, read it, choose a business idea and follow the instruction
and you will soon have a profitable small business that grows fast!

Ali M. Al Lawati

Financial and Management Consultant

50 small business ideas

"50 Business Ideas You can Start with Less than $1,000"

Decide your future today, do you want to own a business or are you happy with your low barely sufficient salary?

Remember what you are today is a result of your decisions in the past and what you will be in the future is a result of your decisions today. You better start making decisions that will shape your future the way you want it.

For $24.99 only stop trying to make your boss happy and learn how you can become your own boss right today!

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